Book Review : DBA Survivor ‘Become Rockstar DBA’

Since my family left the town for holidays last week to our native, I got a week’s spare time. I decided to spend the time reading one or two books resting in the book shelf for quite a long period waiting for their turns. After a few minutes of browsing in the shelf I chose two books. One is Thomas Larock’s DBA Survivor and Charles Petzold’s CODE.

ImageDBA Survivor is a very small book (nearly 200 pages), that is targeting the one who is starting her career as a DBA or DBA who’s in the midst of the career and wishes to advance to higher levels. This book is very different from other technical books. Apart from technical information, this can be considered as a motivational and a career development book. Even if the title has ‘DBA’ this can be an interesting read for anyone in software industry (trust me). The author has got enough real world experience and he is transferring that knowledge to us including what he has learned from the mistakes.

Do you ever expect a book that is covering about databases, has chapters on food habits, physical exercises and importance of sleep etc.? ‘DBA Survivor’ has got all these. Another interesting chapter is ‘Connect. Learn. Share’ which describes about the importance of networking and learning and sharing knowledge.

No introduction is needed for the author Thomas Larock, since he’s the Rockstar blogger in SQL Server world. The book’s subtitle also resembles this. “Become a Rock Star DBA”. He’s also famous for his SQL Server Blogger Ranking in the URL here (

I’m suggesting this book to anyone who is practicing software development. Non-Database professionals can skip the chapters on RAID levels, clustering, troubleshooting etc. If they are not interested, though I suggest reading without skipping any page.


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