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Transact-SQL: Language of the Year 2013

Disclaimer: The information is based on internet statistics (and not compiled by me! Yes I’m not guilty!)

TIOBE programming community index is a measure of popularity of Turing complete languages based on search engine results. This index is not about the best programming language but about popular programming languages. TIOBE index selected Transact-SQL as the Language of the Year in 2013. Also T-SQL has been ranked 10th in July 2014 TIOBE index. Which language has got first Rank? It’s C (as you may guess). It is Interesting to note that our good-old Visual Basic (not the .NET flavour) is still popular with 6th rank and C# is just behind with the 7th rank.

Go and find yourself where your favourite languages fall in this popularity list. The definition of TIOBE index can be found here.

P.S: TIOBE stands for ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’. This is also the name of a play written by Oscar Wilde.


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